The Seashore Lines is a proud member of the communities it serves! We are delighted to hold membership in numerous community organizations as part of our long-standing goal of providing first-class freight and passenger rail excursion service for Atlantic, Camden and Cape May Counties in southern New Jersey.

The SEASHORE LINES  provides freight rail services for business entities desiring to transport their products, materials and goods between New Jersey and global markets. 

The SEASHORE LINES.... a comfortable, relaxing and historic trip back in time, when taking the train to the shore was an exciting and memorable experience! 

The SEASHORE LINES  stands ready to deliver railcar storage services for private freight car owners, railcar lessees and lessors, Class I railroads, and other railcar storage providers looking to expand their market reach, especially in the Northeast & East Coast region of the United States.

Railroad Emergencies


Please be prepared to provide the nature of the emergency, along with the location / Emergency Notification System (ENS) information in accordance with on-site signage. 

ENS information is provided on a blue sign affixed to all railroad-highway grade crossing warning devices on the Seashore Lines rail line.