Seashore Lines COVID-19 Policy – Prepared October 2020

The Seashore Lines is proud to welcome customers back on board our passenger trains! As always, the safety of our passengers and staff is our highest priority. Accordingly, the Seashore Lines is implementing several changes in our operational procedures to ensure that a safe and healthy environment is provided for our customers. The sections below outline the Seashore Lines’ new guidelines.

Operational Changes for Passengers:

  • All passengers onboard Seashore Lines trains over the age of two must wear a mask or facial covering.

  • There will be no snack / food and beverage service onboard Seashore Lines passenger trains until further notice. Guests (with the exception of private railcar charters) are discouraged from bringing food and beverages onboard, and will not be permitted to consume them onboard the train.

  • Railcar charters, consisting of an entire family in their “own” passenger car, will be permitted to bring and consume their own food and beverages onboard, so long as they adhere to all CDC guidelines and refrain from leaving their assigned passenger car.

  • Frequent enhanced disinfecting and cleaning will be conducted onboard all Seashore Lines passenger trains and at station platform / boarding areas.

  • Train capacity is reduced, and passengers are encouraged to social distance onboard.

  • Passengers will be questioned with a brief health screening prior to boarding Seashore Lines trains. Full refunds will be given to passengers denied access by the screening.

  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available for passengers and crew in convenient locations onboard all Seashore Lines trains.

Operational Changes for Employees:

  • All Seashore Lines employees and train crew members will be questioned with a health screening before entering Seashore Lines property at the beginning of their shift or work day. Additionally, all employees and crew will be scanned with a temperature check, and employees with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or greater will not be permitted on railroad property.

  • All Seashore Lines employees and train crew members must wear a mask or facial covering while onboard trains and when in contact with passengers.

  • Employees and train crew members will only be permitted on railroad property or trains when scheduled for their assigned shifts. No non-scheduled employees or train crew members will be permitted on railroad property or trains.

If you have any additional questions, please email